Casket, Cremation or Crimini: Funeral and Burial Options

Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Time: 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Location: Virtual
Speaker: Robert Fleming, Fleming & Curti, PLC, & Christina Noz, Moeller & Conway, PLLC Tucson, AZ


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About the program

Over the last half-century, the funeral and burial industry has seen dramatic changes. Cremation rates were typically in the low single-digits until the mid-twentieth century; now about two-thirds of decedents are cremated in Arizona and most other western states. The new frontier for burial arrangements includes “natural” burials, “green” funerals and even human composting.


But most professionals are unfamiliar with the legal constraints and planning issues facing individuals who might feel strongly about the disposition of their own (or a loved one’s) body at death. What does it mean to “donate your body to science,” as so many clients indicate they prefer? Are there things you should be discussing with your clients about their ultimate planning decisions? What do various religious groups have to say about the developing practices in the funerary industry? We will review some of those choices and planning options to help prepare you for discussions with your clients – or your family.





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