Excellence Under Pressure: A Leadership Development Seminar

Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Time: 4:00pm - 7:30pm
Location: Arizona Inn, 2200 E. Elm Street
Speaker: Travis Carson, Market Force, Tucson, AZ

Please note that this is a 2-hour meeting.

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About the program

Human dynamics live at the heart of any team’s ability to build trust and accountability with each other. Understanding how people communicate differently, and behave differently, under pressure are two essential building blocks to developing a high-performance team. Our Market Force Styles Seminar introduces already successful teams to a framework for working better together under pressure, which increases productivity and resiliency in your company culture.

In this session will provide:

*An introduction to the concept of Market Force Styles, including the latest neuroscience to support understanding of how the human biology responds to pressure.

*A review of the results from each participant taking the Market Force Style Indicator, including personal feedback on strengths and weaknesses.

*How to use the Styles framework for professional development.

*General principles for how different Styles relate to one another in the absence of awareness, with ideas for how to upgrade all relationships in order to better team performance

*Key Learnings and wrap up

About Travis Carson

Travis Carson, JD, MBA, is the Founder of Market Force Global, an organization that develops and trains tactics for implementing high-performance by individuals, teams, and organizations. He works to be his clients Chief of Staff. The combination of operations experience and graduate degrees in law and business provide Travis a unique perspective on solving difficult business issues. In addition to practicing law, Travis co-founded a real estate investment firm and was a Chief Operating Officer for a national lighting retrofit firm specializing in upgrading health care facilities throughout the US. Travis holds a JD and MBA from University of Arizona.

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